Why you need an application to identify plant diseases. Is it convenient?

Diagnosing vegetable plant diseases

In agriculture, it is very important to study and identify diseases of vegetable plants. These diseases can adversely affect crops and fruit quality, which may lead to loss of income for the farmers. Therefore it is necessary to have a good understanding of various types of diseases which can attack vegetable plants. It is very convenient to use a Plant Disease Identifier, when this is the case.

Vegetable plant disease identification

A particular danger behind vegetable plant diseases

Apart from garden plants and decorative plant diseases, the problems of vegetable plants can be more widespread and destructive. vegetable plants are grown more often and in greater volumes, which results in greater chances to spread diseases. This is why it is more important to conduct regular vegetable disease identification procedures.

Besides the known diseases, such as powdery mildew, leaf spots, late blight, and rubigo, vegetable plants may be affected by rare diseases not every gardener can identify.

  1. Damping-out disease. This bacterial infection attacks the roots of plants and can lead to plant death. The symptoms of this disease can involve drying out and yellowing of leaves, stems and fruits.
  2. Bacterial withering. This disease is caused by bacteria which enters plants through the affected plant surface. The pants affected by this disease become weak and fade out. The signs include leaves drying out, yellowing, and stopping of growth. The disease can be diagnosed in early stages using the plant leaf damage identification feature of our app.
  3. Root rot. This fungal infection causes rotting of roots and plant scales. The symptoms include darkening and softening of roots, as well as the spread of a solid moldy layer along the surface.

How can people prevent loss of crops?

These and other diseases may spread quickly and affect large areas. To avoid it, it is necessary to conduct regular monitoring of health state of their plants. This can be done using our user-friendly Plant Disease Identifier, which can easily be downloaded and installed onto your iPhone.

Take a picture of your plant and send it to the app. The program can identify the symptoms and its root cause, and will offer treatment.

Updates to Plant Disease Identifier can help establish the disease, and track the plant health further.

The Plant Disease Identifier app is an easy to use high-tech solution for plant disease diagnostics you can use in your garden.