What are the diseases of eggplants

Aubergines, with their exquisite flavour and beautiful appearance, are popular cultivated plants in many countries. However, like any other plants, they are susceptible to various diseases that can seriously affect their quality and yield.

This article researches the diseases which can affect eggplants, ways of eggplant diseases identification and treatment.

What are the diseases of eggplants

What diseases aubergines are susceptible to

Aubergines can suffer from different types of diseases including fungal, bacterial and viral infections:

  • Viral white mosaic – causes white spots on leaves, which may later turn yellow and wilt.
  • Filtration wilt – results in wilting and death of plants and brown spots on the root of aubergines.
  • Alternaria blotch – results in brown spots on leaves and fruit that can expand over time and affect the entire plant.
  • powdery mildew – causes a white powdery plaque to appear on the leaves of aubergines, eventually causing them to wilt.
  • Grey mould – appears as a painful grey patina on the fruit and leaves of aubergines.
  • Fusarium marcescens fire blight – results in wilting, yellowing and falling of leaves, as well as fruit and root lesions.
  • Root rot – causes wilting and death of plants and brown spots on the roots of aubergines.
  • Borage rot – manifested as brown spots on fruits and stems, which subsequently leads to their rotting.
  • Bacterial blight – causes wilting, yellowing and drying of leaves and affects the fruit and stems of aubergines.
  • Rust – manifested as rusty spots on leaves and stems, which can cause wilting and a characteristic contrast on the plant.

How to identify aubergine disease

Identification of aubergine disease is important to take appropriate control and treatment measures.

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