Varieties of leaf fungus

Leaf fungi are widespread plant diseases that can cause serious problems in agriculture and horticulture. This article reviews various kinds of leaf fungus and gives some insight for leaf fungus identification, which is necessary for effective treatment.

Varieties of leaf fungus

What are the varieties of leaf fungus

Leaf fungus is the common name for a group of fungal infections that affect the leaves of plants. There are many varieties of this disease, each of which can affect the plant in a different way. Some types of leaf fungus cause leaf spots, others affect the shape and colour of the leaves, and some can cause the plant to die completely. The most common types of leaf fungus are:

  • Septoria (Septoria spp.);
  • Cercospora (Cercospora spp.);
  • Alternaria (Alternaria spp.);
  • Venturia (Venturia spp.);
  • Puccinia (Puccinia spp.);
  • Erysiphe (Erysiphe spp.);
  • Melampsora (Melampsora spp.);
  • Colletotrichum (Colletotrichum spp.);
  • Blumeriella (Blumeriella spp.);
  • Phyllosticta (Phyllosticta spp.).

Fungal lesions are dangerous because they spread rapidly to neighbouring plants. Timely diagnosis and treatment is crucial to prevent the entire crop or garden from dying.

How to identify the type of leaf fungus

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