The most common plant diseases

The most widespread plant diseases

Plants are living organisms which, like many other living things, can experience illnesses of different nature. Depending on the sort of the plant which you are growing, these diseases may be different. Decorative plants, vegetables, fruit trees and bushes – each one of these may have their own care specifics and specific diseases to take care of as well. However there may be pathologies which can affect any plant independent of its species. You can identify the disease and the cause behind it by using our free app to identify plant disease, available for iPhone.

The most common plant diseases

The most widely spread plant diseases and causes behind them

It is worth noting five of the most widespread diseases which can attack any plant from the whole range of plants out there.

  1. Viral infections: Viruses are one of the most dangerous enemies to your plants. They are transferred by spraying, through the soil, seeds, small water drops, and pests. Viral infections cause plant leaves to grow yellow, become deformed, resulting in slower growth rate and death of plants.
  2. Mycoid infections. Fungi can spread throughout all parts of plants, such as roots, scales, leaves, fruits. Many fungal infections lead to rot, spots, damage to leaf tissues. and loss of color. Our app for plant diagnosis can help you determine which specific fungal infection is affecting your plants.
  3. Bacterial infections. Bacteria may penetrate into the plants through wounds, ticks, insects and soil. They can cause plant scales to dry, leaves to develop spots, suppress growth, and premature leaf fall.
  4. Parasites and harmful insects. Plants also experience negative influence of plant and insect parasites, such as aphids, mealybugs, or spider mites. These insects feed on plant juices harming the plant structures and transmitting infections.
  5. Incorrect care conditions. Shortage of excess water, incorrect feeding, incorrect lighting and temperature may also cause diseases in plants. they become vulnerable to pathogens or they cannot function properly.

How can people identify a disease and its cause?

Plant diseases can have various causes and symptoms. Flowers, fruits, vegetables, fruit trees, and bushes — all these types of plants can suffer various diseases. However, viral infections, fungal and bacterial infections, as well as insect parasites and incorrect care can affect any plant regardless of the sort of plant we grow. To prevent or cure these diseases, a timely diagnosis is necessary for the pathology. This may be done using the best app for diagnosing plant problems.

All you need to do is take a picture of a symptomatic plant part and upload it into the app. Computer vision will help the app to identify the problem, establish its cause, and recommend a solution.

The latest update of our app for plant diagnosis enables you to track health of your plants as your treatment progresses,