The most common diseases of trees

The trees are one of the most important components of the nature. Not only they enrich our air with oxygen, they also add beauty to our world. However, like any other living organism, trees are susceptible to various diseases. This article reviews what usually causes trees to get sick and how we can identify tree problems.

The most common diseases of trees

Most Common Tree Diseases, Symptoms, and Outcomes

  • Root lesion is one of the most dangerous diseases which can lead to loss of the affected tree. It manifests itself by yellowing and drying of the leaves, as well as, possibly, rot in the roots. If a gardener ignores these symptoms, and doesn’t take care to timely treat the tree, it may result in a loss.
  • Fungal infections cause many of the most common tree diseases. These can manifest themselves in the form of various spots on bark and leaves of the tree. Tree leaf fungus identification is very important at early stages. In some cases, fungi may penetrate inside the tree causing the tree body and branches to decay. This may result in the fall of the tree and break from strong wind.
  • Insect damage. Tree diseases may be caused by the effects of various insects. Aphids, for instance, may cause distress to growth and uneven yellowing of the leaves. If the attack is intensive, the tree may weaken and become more susceptible to other infections.
  • Lesions of bark and tree body manifest itself by spots on the bark and darkening of the tree stem. Normally, the cause of such changes are viruses and fungus. As a result, the tree may become less stable and thus prone to wind attacks.
  • Leaf damage is probably the most common tree disease. It may manifest itself as spots or a massive leaf drying. It is important to conduct tree leaf damage identification as soon as possible. If a gardener fails to notice such symptoms and does not treat it, the tree may lose the ability for photosynthesis and die.

How Can Tree Diseases Be Identified?

If you notice any signs of a disease on your tree, there is a great iPhone app to help you identify which specific disease is affecting your tree. This app utilizes computer vision and a simple procedure of taking a picture of the affected area to identify a specific disease. after you take a picture and have the app process it with the computer vision technology, the app provides a full set of recommendations on how to provide treatment to your tree. All you need to do is take a picture and receive all the information you need about the disease, along with treatment recommendations.

The app now has been updated enabling it to store the record of the treatment progress, and provide adjustments for the treatment to become more effective.

So, regardless of whether you are an experienced gardener or just plant lovers, identify tree problems and treatments can be helpful. The iPhone app will certainly be able to help you with this, no matter what disease befalls them. Do not forget to treat the plants in a timely manner and take all necessary measures to protect them and preserve their health.