Technology for recognizing diseases of citrus plants

Historically, citrus plants are the most popular and valuable crop plants in the entire world. However, as is the case with other plants, they also are prone to attacks of various plant diseases which can damage crops as well as the trees themselves. This article reviews the most frequent cases of citrus plant diseases, symptoms of plant diseases, and potential damage, as well as lets the reader get acquainted with technology enabling identification of these diseases using a special application for the iPhone.

Technology for recognizing diseases of citrus plants

Citrus Plants Diseases Occurring Most Commonly

As you grow your citrus plants, you may come across a great variety of diseases which may inflict irreversible damage to your plants and crops. Among such diseases are the following:

  1. Phytophthora. It causes the death of the root system leading to yellowing and death of the leaves, in turn causing total loss of the plant. The worsening of quality and quantity of plants is also a distinct sign of this disease.
  2. Greasy spot infection. This disease causes loss of leaves in citrus trees on the field, The loss may sometimes be substantial, especially in autumn and winter. The leaves of infected plants first develop signs of small yellowish spots, then, on the bottom of the affected leaves, develop small bubbles in opposition to the yellowish spots. As the disease progresses, these bubbles break, and brown and black spots become visible in their place. These spots resemble those from engine oil or grease.
  3. Anthracnose. This is a mycotic lesion most often occurring in citrus plants grown in greenhouses at high humidity and heat with insufficient phosphorus and potassium. The disease manifests itself by dark brown spots on the leaves, which later cause drying of leaves. This disease may be lethal to the plant.
  4. Citrus Canker. It causes formation of expressive lesions on fruits, stems, and leaves of the plants which leads to them drying out. Fruit affected with this disease is safe to eat, however is far less marketable, because of the appearance.
  5. Citrus Greening. This is one of the most dangerous diseases of citrus trees also known as Huanglongbing. It is a bacterial infection, and there is no known cure for the disease, so the only way to fight it is to quarantine healthy plants from the affected ones. Vital steps for fighting this disease involve termination of the affected plants to prevent further spread.

Identifying Citrus Plants Diseases

Today’s technologies have enabled our new search for plant diseases application for the iPhone, which lets us quickly and accurately determine what disease the plant is affected by by analyzing photo images of the affected plant parts. Thanks to computer vision, this plant diagnostics apk can identify a disease and provide full and complete recommendations for curing.

In order to use the app, all the users need to do is to take a picture of the affected plant part and upload a photo using the app. Computer vision algorithms will then analyze the image and define what specific disease it is affected by. Additional advantages of using this app include storing progress records enabling users track changes and treatment efficiency. If you need to adjust your treatment, you can resend the data again, and the software will provide the relevant recommendations.

You are only one touch of a button away from preventing the negative consequences of the diseases and keeping your citrus plants in good shape.