Soybean aphid detection and the role of digital search tools

Leguminous crops, such as soy, are a great source of food for both humans and cattle. However, soy plants, like all other plants, are susceptible to various diseases causing harm to crops. It is very important to timely identify plant disease that’s beating your plants, so let’s take a look at some of the most common diseases affecting bean crops in general.

One of the most important dangers that attack legumes is the soybean aphid.

Soybean aphid detection and the role of digital search tools

Soybean aphids – symptoms and harm

Soybean aphid, or Aphis glycines Matsumura, a small insect, only about 2 mm in size, is of major importance to agricultural production as it can cause severe crop losses. The main symptoms of this pest are.

  • The appearance of a sticky dressing known as honey. This is the main indicator of its presence, as the insects feed on the plant’s juices, penetrating directly into its vessels.
  • Soybean aphids leave behind traces of their habitat in the form of black secretions on plant stems and leaves, known as soot. This helps to visually determine the density of the aphid population and the extent of damage.

The damage caused by soybean aphids is not limited to mechanical damage to plants. First, the insects can transmit a variety of viral infections that can cause disease and destroy soybean plants. Diseases such as hematoplasmosis or yellow mosaic can become a serious threat to the entire soybean field. Secondly, the constant sucking of sap from the plants depletes their resources, resulting in reduced crop size and quality.

Ways to identify damage from soy aphids

Even though the signs of aphid damage may at times be very specific, sometimes this disease may be confused with other ones. In order to ensure your diagnosis is accurate, you can use digital search tools. Besides your regular computer which you can use to search for the information you need, there is a fine detect plant disease app for your iPhone which enables you to identify exactly what’s causing damage to your plants.

Our app utilizes cutting edge computer vision and AI technologies. All you need to do is simply take a few pictures of the affected plant parts, and it will use AI to find all the information you need on the disease, and provide perfectly fitting treatment recommendations. The app enables plant disease detection using image processing algorithms trained against computer vision technology to detect and identify what’s affecting it, and provide the treatment recommendations necessary. With the latest update, you can also save your plant health history and use it to generate advice to help you modify your treatment for better results.

The app is very able to identify diseases of other plants, too. It is free and available for download so you can reap the benefits of the newest technology on the market.