Search for flower diseases app

Searching for an app to cure flower diseases

Flowers make you feel at home and beautify your space with harmony. However, as is the case with any living thing, plants may have various various diseases. Earlier, flower plant owners had to consult various plant specialists to treat them, however today you can use our unique flower disease identifier app, which can help you identify and treat plant diseases.

Search for flower diseases app

Flower plant diseases

Unfortunately, even the most caring of gardeners cannot avoid diseases which attack their plants. Among the most common flower diseases we can name a few as follows:

  1. Red spider is a small insect which can infect your plants when brought from the street or another plant you may have purchased outside. It is most easily noticed by small spider webs on the leaves of your plant. It is best not to ignore it.
  2. Soft rot is an infectious disease characterized by gray or white spots on the leaves of your plant.
  3. Late blight is an infectious fungal disease. Plants which get it, get covered in brownish and purplish spots and fade out.
  4. Mosaic. This disease manifests itself on the leaves by spots of different color and form. These spots form an irregular pattern. Mosaic does not bring any fatal harm to plants, however it seriously affects the plant’s look.
  5. Yellows is a viral disease which is characterized by yellow spots or stripes on plant flowers. It affects leaf cells causing them to deform and die.


There is a solution which can help you: our iphone app is specifically designed to identify any disease your plant may have

Instead of having to consult a specialist, there is a simpler and easier to use solution. Our new flower disease identifier application offers a unique opportunity to identify the disease your plant may be having in just a few clicks.

This app has a very simple functionality. All you need to do to use it, is to take a picture of the affected plant and send the shot into the flower disease Identifier app for iphone. Then, using the leading computer technology, the app can identify the disease and offer the most effective treatment it can find. This is how you will no longer have to search for information online, waste your time consulting or experiment with various treatment methods. You will have all the necessary information at hand with this app.

A new update to the flower disease identifier app provides the opportunity to track plant health during the whole course of treatment. The app analyzes how effective the treatment is, and provides recommendations to improve it. The information on plant health will be visually displayed enabling the owner to control the curing process and react to changes.