Plant pests

Plant world is affected by many kinds of pests capable of causing irreparable damage to plants. These interlopers multiply in leaps and bounds feeding on plant juices causing plant loss. These pests are not always easily detected at a glance, and it is fairly hard to identify plant pests and diseases. This article reviews the most widespread plant pests and the damage they may cause.

Plant pests

5 most widespread plant pests

  • Flea beetles feed on plant leaves, flowers, fruits, which weakens the plants adversely affecting their growing ability. Flea beetles present danger to fruit and vegetable gardens and general crops.
  • Spider mites are microscopic parasites feeding on plant juices. It leaves a kind of spider web on leaves, stalks and fruits, which leads to their drying out and causing loss of plants. spider mites are nearly invisible to the human eye, however their destructive influence may be seen by loss of color and the change in plant shape.
  • Aphids feed on plant juices weakening plant immunity and, therefore, curing capability. Aphids multiply quickly and they quickly colonize whole plants, carrying various viruses, which can lead to massive decay of crops.
  • Fen cricket is an insect active at night time, which looks like a glowing worm. It is a dangerous pest to many garden plants. Fen cricket feeds on plant roots, shafts and leaves, which leads to disruptions of their nutrition balance and plant loss.
  • Palmer worms are a stage in development of various insects, including butterflies and moths. They feed on plant leaves and fruits, which can lead to loss of leaves or various plant defects. Palmer worms may be dangerous to both commercial crop plants and for ornamental plants as well.

Detecting plant pests

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