Garden plant disease identification

Diseases of fruit trees can seriously harm your growing experience. These diseases may cause problems by lowering your crops and fruit quality. You can use our Plant disease identifier for an easy fruit tree disease identification.

Garden plant disease identification

Fruit tree diseases that are most dangerous

Not only can fruit tree diseases lead to loss of crops, they can also kill the trees themselves. That is why it is necessary to regularly diagnose the health of your trees and identify tree diseases using an app that does just that. Here is a list of a few diseases specific to fruit trees.

  1. Apple scab, apple black spot (caused by Venturia inaequalis fungus) is a fungal disease common to apple trees. It causes small black spots to appear on leaves and fruits, which can lead to shape distortion and premature apple fall. Apple scab attacks tree ovules, which decreases their productivity and can lead to partial or total loss of crop.
  2. Virus pox disease (caused by a plum pox virus) is a dangerous disease common to the plum tree family which leads to slower growth and fruit deformities Infection may spread through soil, insects, or through nursery plants. Plum pox affects the fruit-bearing process leading to crop reduction.
  3. Cherry leaf spot (caused by a fungus called Blumeriella jaapii) produces round spots different in size and color on cherry leaves. This fungal infection may lead to leaf shape distortion, fruit deformities, and early fall. Cherry leaf spot may seriously lower quality or lead to complete loss of crops.
  4. Moniliasis is a serious fungal infection attaching many kinds of fruit trees, including apricot, peach, cherry and cherry plum trees. This disease [presents its symptoms by expanding rotten spots in fruits. This disease can result in considerable loss of crops, as well as lower fruit quality.
  5. Citrus greening (caused by Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus bacteria) is a disease affecting citrus trees. It causes slowing of growth, leaf deformities and loss of crops. Citrus greening is transmitted by insects such as Scirtothrips citri, and it can lead to serious loss of citrus crops.

Fighting dangerous fruit tree diseases

Regular research monitoring is very important for early detection and spread prevention. The easiest thing to do is to use special apps to diagnose plants. Plant disease identifiers can easily identify the disease your plant may be having, and pop up instant recommendations for proper treatment.  Treatment includes the use of chemicals and biological agents appropriate to protect your plants. It is an important condition that only healthy nursery plants are used. Therefore it is important to diagnose each baby plant for diseases and enable early fruit tree disease identification at an early stage of your growing process.

You will need to take a picture of a problematic area of your plant. Then you will need to send this photo into the app. Our app will provide an exact identification of the disease your plant is having and its cause. In addition, our app to diagnose plants will provide the most effective ways of treatment and care.

We would also like to explain that we keep updating our app with newer functionalities to make your experience better. Fr instance, our latest update will enable you to track the condition your plant is having, and whether it is getting better. Therefore, you will always be aware of how your plant is reacting to whatever treatment course you choose.