Diseases of garden plants

Gardening is a fascinating and rewarding activity, but despite our efforts and care, plants are sometimes affected by various diseases. Diseases of garden plants can seriously affect their growth, yield and appearance.

This article reviews the most widespread diseases and research ways for accurate garden disease identification.

Diseases of garden plants

Which diseases are most damaging to garden plants

Bacterial, fungal and viral infections are the main types of diseases that harm garden plants. Let’s take a look at the ten most common ones:

  • powdery mildew is a fungal infection that causes a white plaque to appear on the leaves and stems of plants.
  • Black leaf spot is a fungal disease manifested by black spots on leaves.
  • The spider mite is an insect that causes damage to garden plants by covering the leaves with a thin web.
  • Rust is a fungal infection characterised by the appearance of rusty spots on leaves.
  • Phytophthorosis is a disease caused by fungi that affects the roots and leaves of plants.
  • Blackleg is a fungal infection that causes the roots of plants to rot.
  • Tobacco virus is a viral disease that can cause delamination and discolouration of leaves.
  • Cucumber mosaic is a viral disease that manifests itself as a variety of patterns and spots on the leaves.
  • Chlorosis is a disease in which leaves lose their green colour due to a lack of chlorophyll.
  • Fusarium is a fungal disease that affects the root system of plants.

How to identify garden plant disease

Today there is an easy to use solution, such as plant disease identification app free. With its help, you can instantly and accurately identify the disease by simply taking a picture of the affected area of the plant. Once you download and install the app on your iPhone, you can get a detailed diagnosis as well as treatment recommendations. The new app update allows you to save your results and track your treatment.

When a selected treatment strategy is not working, plant disease Identifier application for the iPhone will suggest alternative methods of treatment for the disease.

It should be noted that this application is only available for iPhone users and requires pre-installation. It is an innovative tool that will help gardeners to fight diseases of their plants more effectively and quickly.

The innovative free app for plant disease detection will be an indispensable assistant for all gardeners rs and florists.