Diseases and pests of leaves and their effect on plants

Diseases, leaf blasts and how they affect plants in general

Diseases and leaf blasts can seriously harm plants, which, in turn, leads to the destruction of the crops. Therefore, knowing certain widely spread plant diseases and ways to prevent these diseases from breaking out is an essential part of a successful grower’s knowledge base. We have developed an app for diagnosing plant issues to help discover not only the most common, but also rare plant diseases. This article speaks about most commonly encountered plant diseases.

Diseases and pests of leaves and their effect on plants

The most widespread plant diseases, their symptoms, and how they affect your plants

  1. Farinaceous flood is a fungal disease characterized by a whitish taint on the leaves of the affected plants. The disease leads to weakening of the plants, decrease in crop yields, and loss of proper appearance. It is not uncommon that, when a plant disease has not been detected on time, for example, with a diagnose plant problems app, it can lead to total destruction of plants.
  2. Rubigo. Rubigo is caused by fungus infecting plant leaves and forming brown stains on the leaves of the plant. This disease weakens plants leading to the decrease of crop yields. In unfavorable conditions, rubigo may spread throughout the plant, leading to its complete extermination.
  3. Spotting. This is a fungal disease characterized by spots of various shapes and sizes on the plant leaves. The pathogens are most active in humid environments bringing weakness to the affected plants. This results in lesser quality and yields. Identify plant disease app lets you identify the problem at an early stage, and thus helps you avoid the associated negative outcome.
  4. Viral infections: Viral infections can attack any species of plants. They cause leaf flaking, shaft and fruit deformities, and decrease in plant growth. The disease is transmittable by pests, or through the infected gardening tools, which makes the disease control and treatment more difficult.

Timely diagnostics is necessary for successful growing

We have developed an iPhone app called ‘Plant Disease Identifier’ for a more effective diagnosis and treatment of plant diseases and leaf blasts. This website and the app we are offering are focused on identifying plant diseases and providing the relevant treatment recommendations. With the forthcoming update, our app for diagnosing plant issues will implement the feature of plant health tracking and evaluating the dynamics of its curing. This will help our users gain more control over the health of their plants and timely implement any treatment their plants may require.