Detection of tree bark diseases

Tree bark, just as any other living tissue, is prone to various diseases. Idetifying these diseases is important for timely treatment and plant health preservation. This article reviews what most frequently attacks tree bark and an easy way for tree bark disease identification.

Detection of tree bark diseases

What affects tree bark most often

Tree bark may be affected by various factors. Here is a small list of dangers which can cause bark damage:

  • Fungal infections can penetrate tree shafts and branches causing decay and tissue death.
  • Bacterial infections: caertain bacteria can cause tree diseases like stem canker or rot.
  • Insect parasites: insects like wasps, bugs, and termites, can damage the bark of the tree, causing disease.
  • Fire-Related Diseases: some bacteria and fungi can cause diseases that make trees more susceptible to fire.
  • Viral infections – some viruses can affect trees, causing various symptoms such as wilting and deformed leaves, damage to the trunk and branches of the tree.
  • Salt scaling is the accumulation of salt on the bark of a tree, which can cause damage to the bark and weaken the tree.
  • Trunk rot is a disease in which the trunk of a tree rots and deteriorates, making it unstable and dangerous.
  • Bark worm damage – the presence of worm holes and passages in the bark of a tree can cause it to become diseased and weakened.

How to identify tree bark disease

Identifying tree bark diseases is a challenging task for the arborist. However, thanks to modern technology, innovative methods of disease detection and diagnosis are now available. One of such methods utilizes an app to identify plant diseases.

Search for plant diseases app for the iPhone is developed using the newest computer vision technology, which can quickly and easily identify tree bark diseases.

By simply taking a picture of the affected area of the plant and uploading the image to the app, it will instantly analyze it and suggest a suitable treatment. What’s more, the new app update allows you to save results and track treatment progress.

In case the treatment suggested by the app is not suitable or does not give the desired results, it is able to suggest other effective methods of fighting the disease. Thus, it becomes much easier and faster for gardeners to identify the cause of tree bark lesions and immediately take measures to eliminate it.

With the recommendations and tips offered in the app, users can protect their plants from diseases and ensure their healthy growth and development.