Definition of maple disease

Maple trees add charm and make landscape designs more attractive, while providing wood and maple syrup. However, like all other plants, maple trees are affected by various diseases. This article reviews how we diagnose various maple tree diseases and provides a new way to seek treatment using our best app to identify plant diseases.

Definition of maple disease

What diseases maple trees are prone to

Maple trees are prone to various diseases which can lead to some serious circumstances. Some of the most widespread maple diseases include the following:

  1. Maple spotting is a disease causing yellow or red spots to appear on its leaves. If the contagion continues, it causes the leaves to dry and fall. Maple leaf disease identification is an important element to preserve the health of your trees. One of the ways to counter this disease is to use specially prepared solutions to cure the leaves.
  2. Powdery mildew is a disease caused by a fungus which attacks maple trees. It manifests itself by a white plaque on the leaves and young trees. Treatment involves using special fungicides.
  3. Maple bark is a disease caused by fungi and bacteria which attack the bark and internal tree layers of maples. This disease manifests itself with symptoms such as crackings and papules in the bark of the tree. Treating maple bark requires a comprehensive approach, which includes removing the affected part of the bark and use of antibiotics.

Diagnosing maple diseases

Diagnosing maple diseases may be a nontrivial task, especially so for an amateur. However, thanks to new computer vision technology, we have the option to use an easy innovative Detect plant disease application for iPhone, which can easily determine the disease your plant is having, and provide therapy recommendations.

Best app to identify plant diseases utilizes computer vision to instantly analyze the pictures taken of the affected plant parts. This enables the app to correctly diagnose the disease and provide recommendations for the most effective treatment. The user can store the results of the analysis and track the effects of treatment in the process. In case the current treatment does not bring results, the app will offer alternative treatment methods.

Detect plant disease application for the iPhone is an innovative instrument which simplifies and improves the work of gardeners and florists. Thanks to this app, professional plant growers can quickly and effectively determine the disease and find a better treatment to cure it. It will become essential in treatment of plant diseases and preserving plant health.