An application for plant health diagnostics. How it works

Plant health diagnostics app is an easy instrument that can help you take care of your plants. What’s best, it is completely free to use!

Our app for plant disease detection using image processing is based on the latest computer vision technology ensuring plant diagnostics at a maximum accuracy.

An application for plant health diagnostics. How it works

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use the App

Step one: take a picture of the affected plant area using the app. Simply indicate what part of the plant is worrying you, and press the button to take a picture.

Conduct leaves damage identification, along with the stem, or the fruit in one click.

Step two: your app will immediately analyze your picture using computer vision, and will find the problem your plant is having. Its high accuracy algorithm will make sure that the disease is diagnosed correctly.

Step three is getting the recommendations you need to provide treatment. The app will provide you with advice on what your plants need for treatment. You will learn what methods must be employed, what medicine should be used, how often it should be applied, and a lot of other information. All recommendations are based on recorded and proven scientific research.

How else can the app help you take care of your plants? It retains all the diagnostic results to help you keep track of treatment, and introduce corrections into treatment as necessary. The app will keep track of your plants, and it will offer new recommendations to ensure maximum treatment efficiency.

The Advantages of the Plant Disease Identifying App

  1. You’ll save time and effort using the app while identifying the cause of plant problems, and obtain valid recommendations on how to cure them. This will help avoid lengthy and useless research as you strive to get answers.
  2. Maximum accuracy diagnostics. Thanks to the innovative computer vision technology, the app provides a high degree of accuracy in the results.
  3. Scientifically substantiated recommendations. All the advice the app provides is based on proven scientific research, so you can be sure of their effectiveness and safety..
  4. You can also keep track of how effective your treatment is. The app saves all the results of your diagnostics while helping you keep track of the measures you take, offering treatment plan adjustments if necessary.

Download our free app to identify sick plants from the App Store today and start taking care of your plants with maximum comfort and efficiency.