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Discover the wonders of nature at your fingertips with Plant disease identifier, the intuitive app that instantly identifies plants using advanced image recognition technology. Explore, learn, and unlock the secrets of the botanical world effortlessly!

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Free Plant Diagnosis App is a new app now available to everyone! is an innovative app developed for amateur home growers, and professional gardeners alike. Now you can instantly diagnose plant diseases just by looking at your plants!

    • Identify plant disease
    • Detect diseases early, save your plants! Cutting-edge technology identifies plant diseases in seconds, providing timely solutions for healthier gardens.
    • Get treatment recommendations
    • The app provides personalized suggestions for treating identified plant diseases, helping users take prompt action.
    • Save results
    • Users can store and access previous plant disease identification results within the app, facilitating tracking and monitoring of their garden's health.
    • AI technology
    • The app utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze plant images and accurately identify diseases, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis.
    • Computer vision
    • By leveraging computer vision technology, the app can detect subtle visual cues and patterns in plant images, enabling precise disease identification.
    • Save time
    • Save valuable time by swiftly diagnosing plant diseases, allowing for faster intervention and care.

AI Power: Unlocking Insights from Photos

By comparing the uploaded photo with a vast database of plant diseases, the AI system can accurately recognize and classify the disease affecting the plant. This enables users to receive fast and reliable diagnoses, helping them take timely actions to mitigate the spread of the disease and preserve the health of their plants.

  • AI-powered technology

    Analyzing intricate visual details, subtle patterns, and specific symptoms captured in plant images, allowing for a more precise and reliable diagnosis.

  • Increasing accuracy with GPS

    Identification can be enhanced with more accuracy as it allows for precise geolocation data, enabling the app to take into account the specific environmental conditions and regional disease prevalence, resulting in more tailored and accurate diagnoses.

Treatment suggestions

With step-by-step instructions and personalized suggestions, users can implement the recommended treatments, including proper pruning, targeted pesticide applications, or specific cultural practices, to restore their plant's health and vitality. The process of identifying plant disease used to be long, complicated and required expert knowledge. However, with the advent of the Free Plant Diagnosis App, everything has changed. This simple and easy-to-use app allows both professional gardeners and novice plant lovers to find out what's going on with their green charges in just a few seconds. This app is compatible with iPhone devices. Simply download and install the app using your phone.

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How plantdiseaseindentifier identifier operates

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

  • Please upload a clear photo of the affected plant and its specific symptoms, such as spots, discoloration, or wilting. Our advanced AI-powered system will analyze the image and provide you with an accurate disease identification along with recommended steps for treatment and prevention.
  • To effectively treat the issue on your plant, try isolating the affected plant, removing infected parts, and providing proper care including suitable watering and sunlight. If needed, consider using natural remedies or pesticides as recommended.
  • To prevent plant diseases, ensure proper spacing between plants, promote good air circulation, practice crop rotation, maintain soil health, and regularly inspect plants for early signs of disease. Additionally, avoid overwatering and practice good sanitation in your gardening practices.
  • If your plant's leaves are turning yellow or brown, it could be due to various reasons such as overwatering, nutrient deficiency, or disease. Check the soil moisture, adjust watering, and consider providing appropriate fertilizer. If the issue persists, inspect the plant for signs of pests or diseases.
  • With a Premium subscription, you'll enjoy the following privileges: Unlimited identification: an ad-free experience, regular updates and enhancements to the app.
  • 1. Go into your "iPhone's settings" 2. Tap on "Apple ID", "iCloud", "Media" & "Purchases" 3. Tap on "Subscriptions" 4. Select "Plant disease identifier" 5. Scroll to the bottom and select "See all plans" 6. Chose the new appropriate plan and confirm. After choosing a new subscription plan, you will be billed a new rate on your next renewal date.
  • Our subscription service renews automatically according to the billing cycle you selected during the initial purchase. You can find information about the renewal frequency and details in your Apple ID account settings.
  • We apologize, but we do not provide any refunds for changes of mind or purchases made in error. Please review your selections carefully before completing your transaction. If you believe there has been an error with your purchase, or if you have any other concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
  • 1. Go into your "iPhone's settings" 2.Tap on "Apple ID", "iCloud", "Media" & "Purchases" 3.Tap on "Subscriptions" 4.Select "Plant disease identifier" 5. Scroll to the bottom and select "Cancel Subscription" 6. Select "Confirm" to cancel
  • Unfortunately, you need to be connected to the Internet to fully use the app. Our free plant diagnosis app is cloud-based, utilizing computing resources and an online plant disease database located on remote servers. Such a solution enables greater reliability and accuracy. When diagnosing offline, you can take a picture and save it to your device to diagnose the disease later, once you connect back. Then you can upload it just as you would have if you had an Internet connection in your garden.
  • The safety of your data is a priority to us. The app ensures complete confidentiality of all user data. We do not keep or transfer your pictures or personal data to third parties. Picture analysis and diagnosing process take place on your device, and are used to identify plant diseases only. We also use cutting edge encryption technology to protect all your personal data. You can rest assured that your confidentiality and security is of primary importance to us, at Our app’s available for iphone and downloadable as an apk.